Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae

Agence Patrick Rimoux, Sculpteur Lumière

Patrick Rimoux : artist
Shantidas Riedacker : architect
Dorian Rigal : architect
Julia Dantonnet : designer
Amina Kazouit : architect
Rollande Michel : secretary

If art is understood not as a reproduction, but as a production of the visible, then the aim of light scenography is to add a new element to the perceptual scheme : make man nyctalopic, make him the explorer of an unseen world, hitherto doomed in obscurity.

The function of light is undoubtedly to reveal, to show, to unveil. However, it will not be used in this purely instrumental manner, merely to eliminate darkness, as is often the case with city lights. On the contrary, it will use darkness as a means to have light emerge - light which becomes both an element and a structure of space. Shade is to bring out the light, by inviting one to look at what is usually obliterated by too strong a light. Night aesthetics allows both for a renewed nocturnal appropriation of the site, and a renewed diurnal identification, thanks to the remodelling of a place which, until then, had gone unnoticed by passers-by. Light creates an emphemeral mobile architecture. Far from being a mere passive phenomenon of "lighting up" - as if things pre-existed their being highlighted -, it is meant to arouse imagination, to transfigure reality, to make both the site and the light visible. Lighting up is creative only insofar as light is constructed, both structured and structuring, capable of conjuring up a world and emotions thanks to its substance, its colour, its shape, its volume.